First Level Adit Excavation

First Entry Made Since 1890's
Day of Adit Location discovery
Discovery of and entrance gained at the 1st adit
level January 2008.
Inside 1st Level Gallery Stock Pile Chamber
The Stamford Hill Mine
Circa 1850-63
No Previous Production, No modern exploration drilling
Historical resource 550,000 tons @ +15% Cu, 15 O/T Gold

Possibly the richest copper gold mine in the world...
First glimpse of first adit level suspended by rope
inside shaft
First look into 1st adit level since its closure in 1890
Adit entrance left shaft right
Sealed first level adit with backfill blockage
Trenching works along outer edge of
Stamford Hill vein above shaft
32% Cu, 303 ppm Ag, 1/2 gr. Gold
Trenching above shaft
Stamford Hill Mine No. 1 Shaft
648 feet deep 20 ' dia
Top Elev 1,759 feet above sea level
JCO spelunker (caveman) lowers himself down to the
water table near the second adit level of the shaft.
Extension ladder is positioned to provide a platform
for accessing the first level from inside shaft.
Final excavation of the first adit portal from exterior
of mine.
Expedition of the Stamford Hill Mine shaft begins
with mobilization or crew and equipment.