Bellas Gate Project SEPL 538 Elma Hill
mineralised vein face sampling 23/09/2009
                             (N 18-02-727 W

A cross section of mineralised vein rock has been explored and sampled
from the Elma Mine prospect at Retreat in Clarendon (GPS coordinates
above).  The vein is held in a foot wall / hanging wall section with a dip of
45° which strikes on a trend of 085/295° - NE/SW across the face of the
section. The vein is seen to trend back into the surrounding hill side to the
SE approximately 140°. The section is found adjacent to the Little Juan de
Bolas River.

Various minor zones of the vein face were sampled from the SW to the NE
which can be seen to be parted by heavily weathered CaCO3
mineralization.  Fifteen (15) assay samples each weighing approximately 6
kilos have been taken within these separate zones across the section face.

The zone samples have each been designated separate assay numbers,
have had the width measured and the distance from the start of the
sampling from the SW of the section. Together with this each sample has a
separate GPS coordinate for future allocation in the field if this proves

Mineralisation in the sampled vein section is seen to be malachite, azurite
and chalcopyrite with chalcocite. The chalcopyrite seems to be
disseminated throughout the mineralised section while the malachite and
azurite is held within the thin carbonate CaCO3 weathered veining.  
Within the section and associated to the CaCO3 mineralisation there seems
to be a white carbonate based mineral which at this time cannot be
identified. Research into the white mineral is ongoing and as soon as any
results or information can be found they will be published.  

Results are pending from the fifteen (15) assay samples sent to the
laboratory and as soon as results are returned these will also be published
together with a location map and sketched cross section of the sampled
section face.

Further to the sampling carried out above one (1) assay sample was taken
on the opposite bank of the River to the NW within carbonate mineralization
in bedrock. This sample was taken to ascertain if the mineralization
continued across the river to the hill section beyond.  Again results are
pending from the above sample.
Consolidated Minerals Ltd.
Jamaica, West Indies  
N18 02.470 W77 10.686
Fully permitted for all aspects of mineral exploration.
High Grade Copper, Gold, and Silver 15 miles from Port
Systematic sampling of different
rock types of mineralized face.

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Elma Hill
of the Victoria Trend
Retreat Area
Clarendon Consolidated Minerals Ltd. 2009 All rights reserved
Elma Hill Mine adit # 1
High Grade Gold 5 Au/t 12.6% Cu, Ag 416 ppm
Sample Area along little Juan de Bolas River in
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