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Camel Hill (Geo Hill, Mab Hill)

The Camel Hill zone, located within the southern alteration zone, was
discovered by soil geochemistry in the 1950’s and has been tested by
23 core holes aggregating 12,637 ft. A coincident Cu-Au soil anomaly
at the 50 ppb Au—500 ppm Cu level is about 1,000 ft by 1,000 ft in
extent. A central magnetic high is related to hydrothermal magnetite
and the better Cu mineralization in a phyllic to potassic alteration
center. A large pyritechlorite-epidote propylitic zone surrounds the
deposit. While most of the holes decrease in value with depth, hole
CAM92-6 was still in material grading about 0.3% Cu at a depth of
1122 ft. A north-northeast trending structure defines the southwest
limits of the deposit which may have been dropped down several
hundred feet to the southeast. A resource calculation by the author
using the 1992 drill data resulted in an inferred resource of
13,177,000 tonnes grading 0.35 % Cu, 0.17 g/t Au. The best area to
increase the mineralization is to expand upon the Geo Hill drilling to the
northwest which returned 399 ft of 0.35 % Cu in hole GEO92-1. The
geochemistry of this area outlines the Cu and Au anomalies between
Camel Hill and Geo Hill. It should be noted that the Cu-Au anomalies at
Camel Hill are overlapping, whereas at Geo Hill the elements diverge.
This divergence could very well be an effect of weathering and
topography. In tropical environments Au is less mobile in the surficial
environment than is Cu, therefore depending on local conditions the
distinctive Au anomaly northeast of Geo Hill could be close to a
mineralizing center, whereas the Cu anomaly could be some distance
away from the main area of interest. In any case 399 ft of 0.35% Cu in
a drill hole requires follow-up drilling.
Camel Hill resource
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